Equipment Purchase Financing for Businesses & Entrepreneurs

Staying competitive in your industry means staying up to date. New equipment can be a significant expense, but it’s often necessary. Whether you’re starting out with a new business, need to refinance your equipment, or it is time to make upgrades, Alberta Business Loans can help you secure financing that makes sense.

Equipment Financing Options

Financing for assets and equipment can be complex, and many traditional lenders have restrictions on this type of arrangement. As a result, Alberta Business Loans draws on an extensive network of lenders to find the right type of financing for physical assets.


Equipment Financing

We secure business financing for equipment of all types, including:

  • Production line machinery

  • Specialized equipment

  • Commercial vehicles and fleets

  • Construction equipment

  • Farming and agriculture machinery

Equipment Leasing & Financing

Many business owners get stuck on questions such as, “Should I lease or buy my equipment?” It is a complex question that depends on many factors. Relying on an expert opinion can help take the guesswork out of answering these types of questions and understanding what to expect. At the end of the day, we’ll find ways to leverage capital from other locations and organizations to finance your most important assets.

Equipment Financing - Alberta Small Business Loans
Equipment Financing - Alberta Small Business Loans

Maintaining Cash Flow

At Alberta Business Loans, we won’t just secure your financing; we’ll also analyze your overall financial situation to help you reach your goals. It’s our role to leave you with the ability to modernize your equipment, but without sacrificing working capital or overall financial capabilities. Let’s strategize your purchases and source your best options for financing new equipment.

Negotiating Terms

Commercial equipment leasing and financing can come with competitive rates and terms if you know what to ask for. Working alongside financial experts can help save your business money on interest, fees, and more. That translates to more flexibility in your finances for future purchases.

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