The Right Financing for the Right Reasons

Insufficient financing or improper financing can be detrimental to a businesses success.

As commercial financing brokers, we are obligated to provide unbiased guidance and advice that is in your best interests. Our expertise, combined with your knowledge of your industry, business, and market, provides the perfect starting point for financing that works harder for your business.

Traditional & Alternative Lending Sources

Not all financial needs are equal in the business world, which is why customization is so essential when it comes to securing financing.

Alberta Business Loans is pleased to offer an extensive selection of lenders and financial solutions for businesses in Alberta. This includes traditional lending options, as well as some outside-the-box solutions you might not be familiar with.

Financing Services - Alberta Small Business Loans

Lending Solutions

At the centre of business financing is the gathering and analysis of data. Once we’ve collected everything we need to know about your needs, finances, and goals, we’ll look through our extensive network of lenders to find the perfect fit. There are a variety of lending solutions we can source and provide.

Private Lenders

One of the main benefits of working with Alberta Business Loans to secure your business financing is our network of private lenders. When traditional lending solutions fail, we can almost always find an opportunity in the private sphere.

Term Loans

In many cases, a straightforward business loan is the best solution for an injection of cash into a business. Optimizing repayment terms and finding the best rates are our main roles in sourcing loans for our clients.

Revolving Credit

Revolving credit can help businesses stabilize their cash flow in the long-term. However, they’re not always the best option for every circumstance, which is why it’s important to compare financing options.

Lease Financing

Lease financing can be useful in a number of situations, particularly at certain stages of business growth or in times of economic trouble. Before buying physical assets, it’s always a good idea to have a comparative analysis and financial forecast.


It’s essential for businesses to fully understand the pros and cons of having investors at the outset. Investment can provide excellent access to funding during growth periods in a business. We have a variety of investment solutions.

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