Straightforward Business Financing

Arranging financing is one of the most significant obstacles facing businesses. We understand the frustration, confusion, and disappointment that many business owners and entrepreneurs experience when trying to secure financing.

Everyone wants businesses to succeed. So, shouldn’t financing be more straightforward?

We think so

Alberta Business Loans was founded in 2012 on a simple, yet powerful principle: Businesses should have more access to financing opportunities. As commercial finance brokers, we help businesses find their footing, maintain momentum, and grow stronger through traditional and alternative funding options.

Our Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

To provide businesses with the financing they need to overcome obstacles and pursue opportunities.

Our Vision

A thriving economy that offers full financial support for businesses of all types and sizes.

Our Values


Financial security is essential in business, but it can be difficult to establish. We’re here to create stability through business financing so that your business can move forward confidently.


We leverage our long-term relationships with lenders of all kinds to secure stable financing for businesses and create mutually profitable connections.


We relieve financial pressure for our clients by continually working to help them prosper. Success is earned and achieved through diligence, hard work, and creativity.

Our Founder

Louis Fradette

Louis Fradette has a strong background in the business community. After selling a successful business to a public company and taking some time to travel, Louis returned with a desire to use his expertise to help other businesses survive and thrive.

Louis appreciates that circumstances are always shifting and in order to stay competitive, business financing has to be flexible and needs-based. As an expert in navigating current financing options and building relationships with businesses and lenders alike.

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